Twitter’s feature that could reduce cyberbullying

In recent years of online growth, we have seen a large number of people joining social media platforms. This has come along with many challenges, one of the major ones being cyberbullying.

This year has seen a rise in the number of online cyberbullying attacks via rude comments on social media and the situation keeps getting worse every day. Recently Kenya’s very own, Mulamwah and Azziad Nasenya were on the hot seat, both of them receiving inhumane comments, and Mulamwah even posted about quitting comedy. Finally, it seems that Twitter is doing something about cyberbullying.

Following a recent tweet by twitter support on May 5th at 8.01 pm, the feature will ask you to rethink your reply before you hit the send button if the message contains offensive remarks. I personally hope they capture all languages, even the local languages just to make it more effective.

Tweet by Twitter support

The company is running a limited experiment on iOS, having a prompt that gives you the choice to review your reply before it is published if the language used could be harmful.

In the future, you may want to rethink posting a reply, because who knows what they may come up with next, perhaps a ban.



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