3 Gadgets to smoothen your smartphone experience

I can bet my school fee on the fact that more than 80% of the time you’re at home, you are on your phone doing this or that. Here is a list of gadgets you could use to better your smartphone experience during this Quarantine period.

1. Hanging Smartphone bracket

If you are half as lazy as I am, there is something irritating about holding your phone while watching. The pain when you lose grip and your smartphone smacks your face flat on. Especially if you own a heavy phone like the 500g Energizer Power Max P18 Pop because that will be pretty painful.

This problem was solved by one anonymous Chinese company using their product the Hanging smartphone bracket. This gadget is easy to use, as all you have to do is clamp your phone on the holder and strap the holder around your neck then adjust it to your suitability.

hanging phone bracket

At the time I was writing this article, the holder was available in 4 different colors, Red, Blue, black and white. You can check out the holder in the link below


2. Screen Magnifier

I don’t know about you but watching on a small screen makes me wince. If that’s the same for you, you probably need the phone magnifier.

phone magnifier

As the name suggests, this gadget magnifies your smartphone screen onto an amazing 18.5*12.4 cm screen. The build quality is not entirely beautiful, but for that price, that should not be a problem.

To use this gadget, you just have to preset the video you want to watch then slide your smartphone into the magnifier and enjoy your movie time.

The gadget is available only in color black, and you could check it out in the link below.


3. Wireless Charging adapter

This final product is for those of us who have given up on wired charging, but have smartphones that don’t support wireless charging.

wireless charging receiver

For this one, you’ll need to have a wireless charger. After acquiring the adapter, you’ll go ahead and plug it into the charging port of your device, then place your device onto the wireless charger.

The wireless adapter is available for iPhone, type C and type B micro-USB, and you can order yours from the link below.



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