Smartphone prices in Kenya set to increase

The price of smartphones in Kenya is set to increase due to the Covid-19 pandemic situation the world is facing

Smartphones are the most sold gadgets in Kenyan market. Depending with the make (model, performance etc) the price of a smartphone will defer from the other.

It is being reported that everything that has to be imported will increase in price. Most countries have closed their borders and therefore restricting movement of goods in and out of the countries.

Shortage of goods causes increase in price of goods. Law of demand and supply.

The virus situation has disrupted China’s shipments of goods therefore affecting the supply of gadgets to Kenya. Soon all that is in stock will be few hence an increase in prices.

Hong Kong’s shipping companies are reported to still be operating because the region has not been adversely affected by the virus, this gives hope that shipments of goods is still possible, though its a limited option.

Courier companies have also been affected by the pandemic situation. Companies like UPS, FedEx, and DHL have all reported route suspensions as a result of government restrictions – including in places like India


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