Kilimall making big sales during this challenging time.

Kilimall has been picking so fast in the Kenyan market, competing with its number one competitor Jumia.

During this tough times companies have been facing problems such as losing customers, kilimall has been recording large sales during this tough times.

Kilimall is known for offering the best prices for electronics – televisions, phones and other gadgets.

Top selling products on Kilimall

  • Smartphones
  • Televisions
  • Speakers
  • Phone accessories- headphones, sd cards, and more
  • Electronic kettles
  • clothings- including bed sheets and blankets
  • Shoes
  • Jewelry- including watches and necklaces
  • Beauty items

Kilimall offers alot of offers and most of their items are discounted. Some items have a discount offer of more than 58%


kilimall was founded in 2014 by Chinese national Yang Tao, to compete with Jumia an online selling platform.

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Kilimall has been competing fairly in the market, the company has been delivering products as they are on the website. There have been allegations of customers receiving goods that don’t much what they ordered especially from Jumia.

Kilimall has been delivering products at the specified collection place and time.

so far kilimall is operating in three countries, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda


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