Why you should buy Telkom 4G Mi-Fi router

When it comes to buying a Mi-Fi router you have to be very careful with what you are buying. Most Mi-Fi routers being sold on the market are not legit and henceforth buying from trusted sellers is very important.

Reasons why you should buy the Telkom MI-FI router and not any other router being sold in the market.

  • Its cheaper than most of the other routers in the market. The Telkom MI-FI router sells for KSh 5499 while other routers run to upto 7k
  • Its legit- most of the routers in the market are fake and won’t run as required. Most run for about a month or two and crash.
  • Telkom bundles are cheap than other bundles in the market hence forth it will save you money alot of money.
  • The router is 4g and Telkom network has been iproved and its now one of the best in the country.

Features of Telkom 4G Mi-Fi router

  •  Has Download speeds of up to *150Mbps on 4G LTE
  •  Has Upload speeds of up to *50Mbps on 4G LTE
  •  Has an app that manages all activities of the app. For both Android and iOS users
  • The device is Light and compact design – for portability and stress free to move around with
  •  Easy set up for a truly plug and play experience
  •  Enables Connection of up to 15 devices at a go
  • Has long Battery life– 1800mAh (up to 6hrs use time)
  • Has LED lights that show when network is poor (red light) average (yellow light) good condition (green)- Also shows the same lights to show battery performance.


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