Why Kenyan students who study online should be using Telkom bundles

During this pandemic period were schools have been closed because of the situation studying has changed it ways and now students and educators have adapted the online way of study.

Studying online is not cheap, you have to be able to access internet and not only internet but a strong and a long running internet.

Most Kenyan students don’t have WI-FI networks in their homes hence they buy bundles so that they can be able to access internet.

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Another reason why studying online is not cheap is because you require to have a good gadget-such as a laptop or an original smartphone.


Reasons why you should use Telkom bundles

  • Across all networks that provide bundles Telkom is considered the cheapest to offer internet bundles with upto 100% more bundles with the same amount than other networks. For example Safaricom offers 1Gb for KSHS100 while Telkom offers 2Gb for the same amount of money. This is 100% more than the safaricom bundles.
  • Another reason why you should buy Telkom bundles is they last longer than most of the other networks. A test of Safaricom bundles compared to Telkom bundles on youtube shows that Telkom bundles run for another more one hour after Safaricom bundles have depleted.
  • Strong connection. Telkom has a better connection than other networks such as Airtel if you consider bundles connectivity. For example, Telkom bundles can be connected in a small town called Gitugi in Murang’a but Airtels bundles o not connect well in the same area.
  • Another reason why you should use Telkom bundles is: Telkom bundles offer bonus bundles and offers to their clients/ customers.
  • Telkom gadgets are cheap to acquire than other networks gadgets. For instance Telkom Mifi gadgets are cheap and hence if you want to access bundles through a pocket mifi.


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