The Simpsons: You need this game if you are a fun of the simpsons

Are you a lover of the great animation named The Simpsons? well you need to also check this game The Simpsons: Tapped Out

The game is created to make you happy and fun when you play it. The creator of the game calls it:  LIFE-RUININGLY FUN!

How the game works

The game lets you create your own living, breathing Springfield. When Homer accidentally causes a meltdown that wipes out Springfield, it’s up to you to clean up his mess- by that i mean, help him rebuild it.

the simpsons

You also should Collect Your Favorite Characters.You also have the duty to help Homer reunite with his loved ones — Marge, Lisa, Maggie and sometimes Bart – as well as his not so beloved ones, like his kinda enemy Ned Flanders. 

Its your duty to also re-populate Springfield with your favorite characters, like Barflies (Barney Gumble) to Wise Guys (Fat Tony). Add them all, no one will judge! Dress your characters to the nines with options like Daredevil Bart or Lizard Queen Lisa, and relive scenes from your favorite episodes of The Simpsons- isn’t it amazing?
Its your duty to take Charge of Your Springfield.

The fu is not over it has just started- you can control the lives of the citizens of Springfield! Make Apu work ridiculously long shifts at the Kwik-E-Mart, also have Moe smuggle illegal animals, or make Homer toil at the poolside all day.

After building your Own Springfield you become in charge of everything If you think Homer deserves to live next door to Moe’s or you think the monorail can survive a few more sharp twists and turns or even Krustyland needs 40% more cartoon violence and 40% fewer health inspectors. Well you can finally make Springfield just the way you want it- in whatever style. If you like you can expand your town to the Waterfront, grow towns businesses with the glamourous shops of Springfield Heights, and enjoy its sights, all with only a few taps on your screen.

I guess The Simpsons! Tapped Out is the most life-ruiningly fun Simpsons game you can ever play in your life.

Download the game

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