5G has found it’s way into the world in the better year of 2019, the world really is wondering, if 5G is bad for you health? 5G began rolling out in certain cities and has since worked it way through most countries. New technology always rises questions as to whether there are any health risks posed.

People have really enjoyed using 5G and have noticed some huge differences in their network speeds however, a few concerns have risen, all health risks are potential, as anything else in life.

What is 5G?

In short, 5G is the next level of connectivity. This form follows all other mobile connectivity by relying on signals, antennas and masts to power your phone. They use network masts all over the country to allow you to do anything on your smartphone without any issues. 5G uses these in a more efficient way to allow more technology devices to access the internet at the same time with faster speeds.

5G will allow for faster upload and download speeds and smoother streaming overall.

What concerns are there?

The main concerns coming from 5G technology surround the electromagnetic radiation that’s used to power the connectivity. There are worries that this can widely damage your health by causing specific types of cancer. It has been previously announced that there have been no health effects from mobile use directly, suggesting there’s no need to worry.

Electromagnetic frequency was put into a category due to being ‘possibly carcinogenic’ as there is evidence that these waves can cause health defects. There are many things that can give you these types of cancer, including talcum powder. Things such as alcohol and processed meat are classified in an even higher category than the radio waves. These worries are not specific to 5G connectivity, they range from Wi-Fi to home devices.

Is 5G bad for you heath?

Overall, radio frequency waves are not lethal and this is where are the concerns are coming from. People have been using smartphones and network connectivity for years now. If it was extremely dangerous, there would be measures in place to stop or prevent it. You can be well assured that there isn’t anything you should be hugely worried about. Using your phone as normal most likely won’t risk your health.

There’s nothing to worry about when it comes the questions, ‘is 5G bad for your health?’ 5G is a super exciting advancement in technology and it’s only bound to get better!


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