How to screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S20

Do you know how to screenshot on the new Samsung Galaxy S20? Screenshotting on Samsung Galaxy S20 hasn’t differed from the previous Galaxy S10 model. It’s still very easy to screenshot so dont worry.

How to start a screenshot

Before taking the screenshot want to make sure that you get the whole picture. You can adjust the screen by either zooming in to make it larger or scrolling to fit as much information in as possible as you want

Taking the screenshot using buttons

This is the simplest form of screenshotting on a Samsung. You need to make sure that the volume button and the standby button are held down at the same time. You will know the screenshot has been captured when the screen flashes.

If you press either button before the other, you may lock your phone or change the volume. You need to make sure that the buttons are held down at the exact same time.

Taking the screenshot using palm swipe motion

If you aren’t too nifty with your hands, this will be the easiest way to screenshot the information you need. First, you need to head to your settings – advanced features – motions and gestures and make sure palm swipe to capture is enabled. Once you have your screen aligned for the screenshot, simply wave your hand across the screen, left or right. The screen will flash to show the screenshot was successful.

Taking the screenshot using smart capture

The smart capture is a way of screenshotting that allows you to edit your capture after. Again, first you need to make sure that the smart capture setting is switched on. You can find this in ‘advanced features’. You then need to screenshot using the palm swipe motion or the buttons. You’ll see multiple options at the bottom of the screen allowing you to draw, crop and more.

All screenshots will save directly into your photos folder, available whenever you need them. If you make some edits to your screenshot, make sure you save the changes before closing the screenshot. They won’t save automatically and you wouldn’t want to lose them!


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