WHATS BETTER BETWEEN Wireless or wired headphones

Wireless or wired headphones

It has always been argued whats better between Wireless or wired headphones. Below we are going to give you our view on the two headphones.

Wireless headphones

wireless headphones

Wireless headphones connect to your device using Bluetooth technology, where sound is transmitted over short distances. They’re portable and free you from easy-to-tangle wires. Wireless headphones come in a variety of styles from in-ear to over-ear, so you can choose your preferred fit. You will need to charge them from time to time, so check the battery life when buying. Some can connect to voice assistants like Alexa, Google or Siri allowing you to playback music, check messages and ask on the go.

Wired headphones

wired headphones

These come with a cable and a headphone jack, so you can plug into your device, laptop, PC, TV and much more, without the need for Bluetooth. There’s also no need to charge them up, so you have no need to fear dead battery in the middle of a gaming session or busy commute. Some devices, such as recent iPhones, do not have a headphone port, so check that your phone is compatible.



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