how to spot phone scammers and email scams

Common scams

  • Your computer software needs updating
  • You’ve won a prize
  • Compensation claims
  • Debt problems
  • Tax problems / refunds
  • Pensions or investment opportunities
  • Problems with a bank or user account

Warning signs

  • If it takes a long time for the caller to answer when you pick up
  • You’ve never heard of the company before
  • They pressure you to act immediately
  • They ask for bank details or your pin
  • They ask you to install software
  • They wouldn’t normally contact you by phone

Common scams

  • Confirm an order/an account
  • Tax refund
  • Password changed unexpectedly
  • Get rich quick schemes 
  • Work from home schemes
  • Money transfer or online order you don’t recall making
  • Offers on medicines
  • Transfer money for a reward

Email scams

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Warning signs

  • You’ve never heard of the company or person before
  • Pressures you to act immediately
  • Bad grammar and spelling
  • Doesn’t address you by your real name
  • Requests bank details
  • Email address uses odd letters and numbers




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