How to spot a scam/fake

How to spot a scam

Have you been contacted out of the blue?

If you’ve never heard of the organisation, and you haven’t been in touch with them before, you should be suspicious.

Do they want money upfront?

A common scammer’s tactic is to ask for some money upfront with greater rewards following later. If this happens, it’s almost certainly a con.

Does it sound too good to be true?

…it probably is. Be sceptical of claims of easy money and big prizes, especially if they ask for you to give money or your bank details.

Are you being pressured?

No organisation should require an answer straight away. If they put you on the spot, refuse. If they’re legitimate, they’ll be happy to wait.

Is their spelling and grammar bad?

Ignore any mail, emails or websites with lots of errors. Legitimate organisations know better.

Do they want you to keep it secret?

Organisations normally want publicity for special offers or competitions. They’d never ask you to keep secrets from friends and family.

Did they use your real name?

Organisations who’ve obtained your details legitimately will refer to you by your first name or surname, rather than ‘dear sir’ or ‘hello madam’. And they’d never refer to you by an online username or nickname.

Do they want your personal details?

Don’t give personal details to anyone if you’re not sure who they are, especially if they’re asking for bank details. Anyone contacting you should have some details already – ask them what they know and how they got that information.

Can you get their details?

Organisations shouldn’t hesitate to offer a phone number or address. They should have a landline, not a mobile number (beginning 07) or premium rate number (beginning 09).

Be wary of PO Box addresses – that won’t tell you their location. If someone shows up at your door, ask for ID. Don’t trust a number or address you get on an email or letter, use the details they have on an official website


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