How to make custom emojis on an Android?


Apple’s recent releases is the Memoji but how do you make custom emojis on an Android? There is actually a way and it’s worth trying it out.

This feature is something that has recently been bought to Android that allows you to edit two emojis together to create some super cool new emojis. Mixing your favourite emojis is pretty cool and can show some serious emotions in your messages. The exciting addition to Android phones is called Emoji Kitchen. You can’t yet mix all emojis but this is in the works.

What do you need to make custom emojis?

As this is a Google app, you can only make use of it if you have an Android phone. Currently, Google is only testing the Emoji Kitchen feature so you do need to register to become a tester and download the app. The feature is only in testing stages so not every app you have will be compatible with these new emoji creations. Major apps are working with the new add ons, such as Facebook and lots of Google apps. If Emoji Kitchen goes down well with it’s testers, we may see more and more app updates to ensure they are compatible with it.

Once you have registered, you’ll have a list of instructions as to how to get your hands on the app. All you need to do is follow the relevant links and set it all up. You’ll find a link taking you through to the Google Play Store where you can download the Gboard. If you already have the Gboard installed, you will need to update it.

How do you create the emoji?

Now for the fun parts! How do you make customer emojis on an Android? Look no further! We’re about to get into how we actually do this.

All you need to do is open up your Gboard to access these emoji creations. Tap through to the little blue face on right near the space bar. You should see an instruction with ‘tap an emoji to get suggestions’ appear. Simply pick an emoji and all mashups available will appear. Each emoji that is included in the feature will have a list of combinations so make sure you have a good look around!

There are quite a few emojis that aren’t compatible with this mix up as of yet however, Google is bound to extend the range of emojis used. Currently, you can get different combinations from most regular faces however, not too many other than that.

Sending your fun new creation is just like sending any other text. Once you’ve made up your mind on the perfect smiley, click this and it will appear in your text box.

You won’t be able to send these versions of emojis through apps that aren’t compatible as of yet. You can have a play around on different apps to find out exactly what apps are compatible but an iPhone will not support this!


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