HTC One M8 review

HTC One M8

Android phones have always had an Achilles heel, and it has always been design. There has never been an Android phone that has looked and felt like an iPhone.  Not necessarily ergonomic, Apple’s straight, hard edges would not be described as that. But an iPhone is aesthetically pleasing; beautifully and carefully designed, and with an unparallel feeling of quality. Samsung uses the word polycarbonate, which is a material others would call plastic. Earlier HTC phones like the Desire and Desire HD featured nice aluminium unibody designs, but team them with brown colours and uninspiring shapes. Function over form.

The new HTC One is different, very different. It is a hybrid of form and function, and potentially a heralding of a glorious new dawn for HTC as a company. A crossing of the technological Rubicon, by combining an Apple-esque dedication to design with Android’s drive for innovation. This is then combined with some very intelligent innovations to the most regularly used parts of the phone. We may be on to a winner here.

HTC One M8 Design

So we have mentioned this a bit already, but the HTC One has an anodised aluminium unibody chassis with a curved back, available in either silver or black. It apparently takes an unbelievably long 1.5 hours to create each one. It is a beautiful design, possibly the best aspect of which is the stereo speakers; these are laser cut above and below the screen. Quite simply the best looking phone available today.

HTC One M8 Operating System

The One runs Android’s latest version 4.2 Jelly Bean with HTC’s customer user interface Sense 5.0 on top of it. Sense has always been the best Android skin, and 5.0 is no exception. Its clever use of live tiles takes the best feature of Windows Phone 8 and uses it to improve the one-touch usability of the home screen. So you get the best features of Jelly Bean like Google Now and then it gets improved by HTC as well

HTC One M8 Processor

The HTC One is powered by a Qualcomm 1.7GHz quad-core processor with 2GB RAM. There is nothing particularly revolutionary about these numbers, but it is plenty of power to perform any task without any sign of lag. Another big tick in the box for any new smart phone with aspirations.

HTC One M8 Screen

The screen is excellent. It is 4.7”, with 1080P high definition clarity and a best-in-market 469 pixels per inch. Bright, clear and vivid; one of the best screens we have ever seen on any mobile device.

HTC One M8 Memory

The internal memory may well be the least impressive aspect of the HTC One. Yet you still get 32GB of internal memory included. It gets let down by the fact that there is no memory card expansion slot

HTC One M8 Battery

The battery is a 2300mAh, this is fairly expectable with nothing shocking there. It will definitely make the nightly charge cycle of the modern smartphone.

HTC One M8 Camera/Video

In the world of mobile phone cameras where more megapixels are better, HTC have gone for less. They have opted for a 4MP camera, with ultra-pixel technology. Put simply, this means a larger sensor with 3x larger sensor cells. So larger pixels with higher clarity but less of them, giving better shooting in every light condition. This is a development we like, because it will be used every day. It also films 1080P video at 30 frames per second.

HTC One M8 Features

•4G- For ultra-fast browsing and downloading.

•Blinkfeed- A social application which allows you to create, edit and share videos you make.

•Stereo sound- Dual speakers provide high quality sound.

•Beats Audio- Further enhancing the sound quality


The HTC One is the Android phone we have always been waiting for; usable, feature-rich, well built and stylish. The only surprise may be that it says HTC on the front rather than Samsung. It does everything that you have come to expect from a top-end smartphone, and can excite you in a way that only great design can. It is always hard to put your finger on what makes something feel this way, but some things do. The HTC One does.

The best phone made by HTC ever? Definitely. The best Android phone ever? Almost certainly. The best phone currently available? Quite possibly.


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