It’s not a secret that they’re the two biggest operating systems but what’s better, iOS or Android? Whilst Android spread their name over multiple different smartphones, Apple provides a great customer experience as iOS is tailored to each of their devices.

A safe thing to say is that Android and iOS are the biggest operating systems in the world. They’re great competition for each other as they’re constantly improving and upgrading their technology to suit consumers. Each system has their individual strengths and their own downfalls.

Best Bits of iOS

Most people who own an iPhone also own an iPad, Apple Watch, Mac or any other Apple product. You don’t meet many people who only own a single Apple product as each device is designed and built to work with other Apple products. Apple has built a community of people who use each of their devices for the ease of it. A lot of features they design carry over to your other Apple products. You can pay for purchases on your Mac using your iPhone’s Apple Pay, Safari passes your recent searches from your iPhone to your MacBook and the other way round. iOS is quite simply, a very simple system to use and makes life so much easier.

iOS is only used on Apple products, and Apple products are everywhere. Accessories for Apple devices are even more accessible. Just about any clothing, grocery, department and tech store have iPhone cases and charging cables. You can pick them up from nearly anywhere and there is always a relatively good range. Of course, you are always able to get a cheap case from eBay or Amazon but you’ll get a low-quality product. High quality Apple products are plastered everywhere.

There are far more updates on iOS devices than there are on Android devices. Major updates are done on iPhone regularly throughout a two-year contract. Old Apple products are also able to take advantage of recent updates for far longer than Android handsets. Any iOS updates that do come around are pushed out at one time. Every person that owns an Apple smartphone is able to make use of the most recent update at the same time. This way, no one feels left out and everyone gets to experience the system before changing it again.

Why chose Android?

The most obvious benefit of joining Android fans is the range of smartphones you have to choose from. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of phones that run on Androids operating systems, be it the newest version or not. Having such a large range of phones means they reach across the entire audience. If you’re looking for something cheap, something feature packed, a great camera or a great gaming phone, there’s bound to be a huge variety of options open for you.

Android tends to experience major advances in technology faster than any Apple fans do. For example, 5G was released mid 2019 along with a host of Android phones compatible with this connectivity. There are not yet any iOS devices compatible with 5G. Android also has huge advances in their camera technology. Some Android phones are not boasting quad-lens cameras whereas, Apple are only just reaching to triple-lens cameras on their high-tier handsets.

One of the most helpful benefits of Android is that almost every device its installed on supports USB-C charging. It can be such a pain when you’re traveling and you’ve got 10 cables for each device you’ve got as well as separate plus for them all. It’s awfully convenient to carry just the one cable as a lot of devices still take USB-C cables.

iOS or Android?

There’s not really an answer as to whether iOS or Android is better, it’s all down to personal opinion. If you are a bigger fan of Android, then you really do open up the avenue as to which smartphones you can get. iOS fans know they’re getting a reliable, valuable service through each Apple device.

Fans will always argue whether iOS or Android are better, it’s inevitable. Every person has to make their mind up themselves. Whether you’re looking to join iOS fans or get involved with Android lovers, fonehouse.co.uk have hundreds of deals across both operating systems.


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